Agroindustrias Osho launches an innovative line of organic superfoods crisps from amaranth, chia, maca, quinoa and sacha inchi ideal for nutritional bars.

The nutritional bar market is expanding due to a surge in health-conscious consumers seeking convenient, on-the-go snacks aligned with wellness goals. Growing demand for functional foods is propelling the market, with consumers seeking bars enriched with superfoods for perceived health benefits. Clean label preferences are driving consumer choices, emphasizing transparent sourcing, recognizable ingredients, and a focus on product purity. Plant-based diets are gaining popularity, contributing to the rise of nutritional bars with plant-derived proteins, meeting the demand for sustainable and ethical choices.

Agroindustrias Osho line of superfood crisps aligns with key nutritional bar market trends by offering a line of nutrient-rich, plant-based, and sustainably sourced crisps with unique flavors and textures, meeting the demands of health-conscious and discerning consumers.

Agroindustrias Osho: Leading the Way in Superfood Innovation

Agroindustrias Osho stands at the forefront of superfood crisps manufacturing, harnessing advanced extrusion technology to create innovative crisps from a diverse array of Peruvian superfoods. Our repertoire includes amaranth, chia, maca, quinoa, and sacha inchi, carefully selected for their functionality, flavor, texture, and superior nutritional content.

Differentiation through Quinoa Integration

Setting ourselves apart from conventional plant-based crisps, we infuse our superfood crisps with nutrient-rich quinoa instead of rice. This strategic choice enhances our crisps' nutritional value and versatility across various food applications.

Collaborative Development for Market Relevance

We collaborate closely with our clients to produce superfood crisps tailored to meet evolving market trends and consumer preferences. By anticipating and addressing consumer needs, we empower our partners to stay ahead in the competitive food industry landscape.

Commitment to Sustainable Sourcing

At Agroindustrias Osho, sustainability is at the core of our operations. We responsibly source our premium raw materials from our own crops and establish direct partnerships with small-scale farmers from Andean highlands and Amazon rainforest communities. Our practices adhere to stringent social and environmental principles, driving regional development and environmental preservation.

Unwavering Quality and Safety Standards

Our state-of-the-art processing plant boasts a suite of certifications, including Global Food Safety Certification through BRC (AA rated), HACCP, GMP, Organic (USDA-NOP, COR, EU & JAS), Kosher and Halal. With full traceability from field to final product, we ensure unparalleled quality, consistency, and safety standards, instilling confidence in our clients' supply chains.

Key Features for Consumer Satisfaction

Our superfood crisps have key attributes seek by consumers by offering nutritional excellence, enticing flavors, and satisfying crunchiness. Our superfood crisps are clean label by offering organic, kosher, halal, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, and allergen-free, our crisps guarantee peace of mind for health-conscious consumers.

Versatile Applications for Culinary Creativity

Our superfood crisps transcend the boundaries of nutritional bars, serving as versatile functional ingredients ideal for a wide range of savory and sweet applications. Whether incorporated into breakfast bars, protein bars, granola, cereals, snacks, or confectionery, our crisps elevate each product with their distinctive texture and flavorful crunch. With their adaptability and versatility, our crisps inspire culinary creativity across diverse product lines, offering endless possibilities for innovation in the food industry.

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