Agroindustrias Osho introduces a range of nutrient-rich micropellets that are compacted extruded pellets ideal for creating puffed cakes and popped chips, offering a crispy snack option not fried with reduced fat and calorie contents and better nutritional profile.

The market for healthier snacks, including puffed cakes and popped chips, has seen significant growth in recent years. Consumers are increasingly health-conscious and looking for alternatives to traditional fried snacks. This trend has created a demand for snacks that offer lower fat, fewer calories, and better nutritional profiles.

Agroindustrias Osho range of micropellets made from quinoa, chickpea and other nutrient-rich superfoods present and exciting opportunity to meet these snack trends and a unique edge in product development by offering a line of nutrient-rich, plant-based, and clean label micropellets that can be used for healthier snack options like popped chips and puffed cakes.

Agroindustrias Osho's new line of micropellets offers numerous benefits and advantages for food & ingredient importers, distributors and manufacturers of popped chips and puffed cakes. From extended shelf life and cost-efficient shipping to healthier snack options and efficient production processes, these micropellets present lucrative opportunities for all stakeholders in the snack industry supply chain.

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