Agroindustrias Osho announces that it has increased its organic certified sacha inchi crops by 100% by incorporating more small-scale producers in the San Martin region of Peru, to meet growing demand for organic sacha inchi oil, protein and snacks around the world.

We are growing our sustainable value chain with small-scale producers of organic certified sacha inchi in the San Martin region of Peru by involving a multifaceted approach that incorporates ethical sourcing, organic certification under USDA NOP, EU and JAS, and sustainable practices.

What are the value and benefits of our sacha inchi value chain?

Value Proposition:

• Organic certification ensures that the sacha inchi crops are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms, aligning with consumer demand for healthier and environmentally friendly products.

• Ethical sourcing emphasizes fair labor practices, ensuring that small producers in the region are treated equitably and receive fair compensation for their work.

• Building a value chain enhances market access for the sacha inchi oil, protein and snacks, ultimately benefiting both producers and consumers.


• Economic Empowerment: Small-scale producers in the San Martin region can benefit economically from participating in the value chain through increased market access and better prices for their organic certified sacha inchi crops.

• Environmental Sustainability: Organic farming practices promote biodiversity, soil health, and water conservation, contributing to the long-term sustainability of agricultural ecosystems.

• Social Impact: Ethical sourcing practices foster a positive social impact by ensuring fair wages, safe working conditions, and community development initiatives for small-scale producers and their communities.

We are proud to continue growing our comprehensive value chain for organic certified sacha inchi crops in the San Martin region of Peru, as we are creating more value for small-scale producers, consumers, and the environment while promoting ethical sourcing and sustainable development.

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